Monday, January 17, 2011

Large Florals

Having some fun with large florals!

The 20" x 20" canvas is filled with petals that are honeysuckle, pink and coral hues layered on grey, blues, lavendars and oyster background. The centers, stem and contour lines are dark chocolate brown. I used a resist in the centers and on the background. to accomplish the layers of colors and designs These are the preliminary shots for me to study the works, as you can see from the fence below.

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BMarieJ said...

Your work is so pleasant, it must be a mirror image of your heart!
Keep on creating, I love seeing your new pieces.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thank you BMarieJ! That's a kind thought. Some of it is within, and some is for that desire to be within and also to encourage the feelings of joy and happiness for those who view and have my work intheir space. SO glad you stopped by and commented!

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Robin, I love the blue wash over everything, I think I need to get you to paint some papers for me to collage with!