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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Deborah Eileen Burrow

As my world of access to artists is more vast via social network media I am so pleased to make personal connections to artists whose work attracts me. And often our works evoke a mutual attraction, as in the case of the wonderful artist Deborah Eileen Burrow.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit in England in June 2011, alongside Deborah Eileen Burrow at her Summer Art Show at the Edmund Gallery, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. I've interviewed her and am pleased to share this with you.
Where did you learn to paint?
I have learnt to paint from a variety of sources. It started at school. My father painted and a friend of my mother was a professional artist. Both gave me some gems of information. I always sketched and painted and through lots of experimentation I have found my way. The generous advice and support of my fellow artists, art galleries, professional articles, evening classes and life drawing sessions have all brought me on in the last few years. I was doing commissions in the 1990s which really helped as I had to concentrate harder!

What is it about trees that intrigue you so much you must paint them?

What I am finding is that the environment I grew up in (deep UK countryside) is finally making an appearance in my paintings. At first I struggled with trees, but with lots of practise I found a way, and finally my landscapes came alive. I attended life drawing sessions which helped. If you can paint the human figure you can definitely paint trees – there are lots of similarities. I have continued with my treescapes because I love their shapes and differences. No two trees are the same. I love the silver birch the most – the way they stand out in any season and any landscape. I love oranges, golds and reds hence the strong autumnal themes in my paintings.

What size paintings do you prefer to paint?

I love to work small and large. I particularly enjoy painting on very deep edge canvases and continue the painting around the sides to give some super 3D effects when viewed from an angle. I had a favourite of 12x12” for a long time, but now I like working on larger canvases, and not just squares. This is mostly to do with increased confidence in my style.

How many different creative outlets do you have? (music?)

I love music with a real passion, just like art making. Over the years they have competed for space in my life, but finally over the last 3 years I have found a good balance. I sing in a funk/soul band and teach music. I have about 15 students who I teach 1-1. I wrote, recorded, and released 5 CDs between 2001 and 2007. It was a great time, but it was taking up a lot of time, and I was finding my health was suffering. I have Psoriatic Arthritis which now limits my live performance time. I always wanted to be a professional artist, so in 2008 I made the decision to focus on it – and a less physically demanding life.

I love crafts too – pyrography and collage. Pyrography for me is illustration work, and I love working with wood.

What are your artistic aspirations for the next five years?

To be happy with what I am doing, and keeping the balance in my life. I would like to find a couple more galleries to represent me, and have the opportunity to be more widely recognised and commissioned for paintings or pyrography.

My personal goal is to work much bigger. I would like to make some real statement pieces with acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Or maybe a mural!

I would also like to take part in more high profile charity events like I did this year. I painted a deckchair canvas for a local hospice fundraiser and my work was featured alongside some top local artists and several famous people including Sean Bean, Bill Oddie and Bernard Hill.

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Oh and why BurntOrangeGirl?
"Burnt Orange is a colour I use a lot.  I also do lots of pyrography hence the Burnt.  I love Orange and my hair is a coppery colour.  And I'm a girl!  "
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Georgie McNeese (ArtByG) said...

I can see why you are attracted to these works of art. Beautiful!

PoetessWug said...

I can see why you love her work. It's gorgeous!!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

I always enjoy stopping by. It adds positivity into my cup.

Nice interview today.

Ginny Vincent said...

I am Deborah Eileen Burrow's Mum! I have seen her maturity grow in her paintings all through her life she always made me cards for birthdays, Christmas ans so on, I have kept most of them. I used to do cross stitch cards for friends and always encouraged her to make cards as they are more personal and show that you care for the person you are sending cards to. I feel blessed that she has and is doing so well, she is so happy with art, I always look forward to the next piece of work she is doing. Thanks for reading this- Ginny Vincent. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

deboraheileenburrow said...

Firstly thanks to you for shining the spotlight on me - and all the lovely comments people have left. Makes my day!
Secondly - I never expected my mum to leave a comment! Thanks mum and thank you God for completing the circles!

Lastly - this kind of support is such a boost to my journey! Thank you all.

deboraheileenburrow said...

Firstly thanks to you for shining the spotlight on me - and all the lovely comments people have left. Makes my day!
Secondly - I never expected my mum to leave a comment! Thanks mum and thank you God for completing the circles!