Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Collaboration for Celebrations Gallery

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson and I are in yet another collaboration, however this time we are going to create the works of art using each of our own styles on the same pieces. Previously, if you are new to following, Elizabeth and I have worked on several projects and exhibitions together, "Chalk, Paper, Scissors", and a duo exhibit at the Seminole State College. We have a BOOK that shares both of our works. We team up and talk shop often. So our gallery in Connecticut, Celebrations Gallery, placed a call for artists to collaborate and of course we were ready to jump in!  We both are usually on high speed, living full lives and dedicated to our art and careers, plus our hair is red and we both love the movie "Waitress"!
Above is the wood panel at the stage where I will now pass it on to Elizabeth. In my process the first layer of paint had to dry, then I applied the resist. (Yellow area)
Then I paint some more and remove the resist.

I usually use canvas for this method. The paint does not flow as well on the wood, and the drying intervals are longer. I like the how the grain shows through.  I  hold back from filling in the piece too much so there's enough creative liberty for my collaborator. I am excited to see where she goes. We are both a little anxious about working on one another's work. Here's what she has in store for me on her easel.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson work in progress
These are cake recipes. We once did cupcakes we will Take on the Whole Cake!
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PoetessWug said...

You GO ladies!! :-) Hmmm...why am I craving cake all of a sudden?! ;-))

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

You are very efficient to already have this blogged. wow! :) I'm excited about the outcome.