Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heathrow Women's Club

It was such a pleasure to be the speaker for the Heathrow Women's Club for their monthly February meeting. I shared my story beginning with my name and heritage, and art experiences from kindergarten, leading up to how I came to be the artist I am today. I let them in on my know how I listen to music and dance with paint. I asked for audience participation in showing them the process of removing the resist from the canvases. It was such a thrill to see them get excited about the revealed botanical images after they peeled off the resist. We just had a great time yet I also talked seriously as I explained the importance of protection by wearing gloves while working with art supplies.

These women are a hard working group they support several worthy charities in their fundraising. Their commitment in the community really makes a difference.  I'd like to thank Sarabecca Rosier for inviting me to be the presenter.These photos are courtesy of member Becki Miller.

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PoetessWug said...

How nice! :-)

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Nice post Robin. I am sure the ladies at Heathrow enjoyed your presentation.

Blu said...

Nice to see you with your art!