Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's already February!

Yes February is here. I still don't have my goals posted. I have basic goals in my mind but I still need to develop them. I am moving forward with my present calendar of events. I use Google calender via my laptop and on my droid, plus I have a large yearly planner calendar so I can get a bird's eye view of months at a time. Here's my month; I've got 1st Thursday's to attend tonight, in support of RV's Berlin Orlando exhibit (the one I decided not to be a part of) next I have an invitational breakfast for artist instructors at the HardRock Cafe, a class in marbling Saturday,then I am the speaker at the Heathrow Womens Club, we have an opening reception and exhibit in the evening at Gallery 17.92 February 18, I judge the Lake Eola Festival on Feb 19th, and install the exhibit Nature's Muse at the University Club to open Feb 24, with a reception March 13. I have a few art business meetings with my cohorts and art openings scattered in there too. I have a commission to finish with some lovely poppies, and work to create for "Amalgamation" to send PR out for our show in May. I have pieces to make and deliver to gift shops and galleries. I also plan to get a Valentine mailing out to my collectors as I adore them! All 12 of the pieces I did for a  licensing company were rejected, I thought he wanted simplification in what I was doing, I was wrong, he liked the more detailed work. I have orders to fill from sales from my etsy shop. Supplies to buy.......and more.
Even so with all of this I wanted to finish a painting to participate in the Scan Design exhibit and I met the deadline on the last day and delivered the painting to come home and find an email saying they extended the deadline. Too funny! I painted the above piece thinking the title "What Dreams May Come" that feeling of being in luxury and comfort, taking dreams to a place outside like the beach. That title that was from a movie  so I came up with"Sueños de Amor"  for me meaning a place where you love to dream, or..dream of love.
I've also changed my schedule a bit and getting an hour of wii fit in before I get to work. Moving forward with a full art plate and a smaller food plate. Gathering yet a more balanced perspective as I reflect and pray for those in Cairo and continue to give aid to fight human trafficking even here in the US, in places like Texas.
Goals Simplified;  Good Health. Good Business. Good Art. Make a Difference in the World.
‎"Sueños de Amor" 3' x 4' acrylic, charcoal and ink Robin Maria Pedrero
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Christy said...

I just love everything about this post. The planning, the goals that I see carrying over from last years list, the amazing way you manage all of this. An inspiration to me and all artists!