Friday, March 18, 2011

Collaboration Complete for Celebrations Gallery

 The collaborations are complete for the Celebrations Gallery exhibition in Connecticut. I began to share the process with you in this first post, where you can see the beginning of both pieces. Collaboration         
I started "We Stick Together" and when it returned back to me from Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson it  had 2 more beautiful  birds and branches and the little ones were beautifully collaged.  I continued to build the composition with flowers, an orange and there's even a home in the backgound until it developed into the final piece in the top photo.

My original concept was to do a grid and utilize every other rectangle. Elizabeth thought a cake would be a great idea, And it was! She collaged the whole panel and had painted the entire piece so when I got it I made a drawing with pastel and charcoal in every other rectangle over the collage that Elizabeth created. Going every other rectangle worked very well for the vine branches with the one branch in the far left extending into her rectangle below a bit. I played with color using the pastels and decided it would be way too busy if I completely went in another color scheme so I nixed using a solid purple turquoise combo and left hints of it.

I added some flowers to my branches in the left rectangle, and the butterfly and swirls in the right top rectangle. The mid section of the cake I painted keeping the design elements of the cake. The birds to the left and right and the cake slices are all painted in acrylic. I mimicked some of the collage patterns in the 3rd stripe in on each side to keep continuity. In the bottom piece I did the same thing to finish rounding off the cake, and I layered in colors on the table and background in the bottom center rectangle.  I just LOVE both of these pieces and it was fun to work with my friend Elizabeth on a project again.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for posting this… Absolutely LOVE it!! Wish there was a way to “fav” individual posts on WordPress, would definitely favor this post.

Regards, Aron
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shelby healey said...

These collaborations are beautiful. I'm truly inspired and happy to have found your blog via your Etsy shop. You have a happy new follower!

Cherry Runway said...

This is SO gorgeous Robin! :D