Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dynamic Duos postcards are in!

The postcards for Dynamic Duos Celebrations Gallery arrived and they are huge!! Kristen Stein and I are tickled pink to each have 2 images on the front of the card! She and I have our collaborative piece in the bottom left, "Wandering Sun" and prior to this exhibit one of my favorite collaborative pieces is hers and Lyse Marion's which is in the top right, that piece has been in the series The Warehouse on the Syfy channel! Another cool thing is that both Kristen and I have our art in the movie "The Roommate". Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson and I have one of our two pieces in the top left. We both shared our detailed process and the works here and on facebook. One of several collaborations, but our first time to actually have worked on the sames pieces! I can't wait for those who get to go to the exhibit to see these pieces in person! I would love to be there, yet I've a tight schedule, although not impossible. I have the opening of "Amalgamation" the evening of the 19th in Florida and Dynamic Duos opens May 20th in Connecticut.
I am also thrilled that after I shared the call to artists my friends Mary Shaw and Beth Rommel collaborated and are in the exhibit too! When I visit Celebrations Gallery I am always attracted to the art of Regina Thomas.  I see from the card she collaborated with her husband. This is one cool event!
Here's the back of the card, which will get larger if you click on it.
I am mailing these out, with a focus on my New England art collectors.If you'd like one let me know. Soon I will be mailing out postcards for "Amalgamtion" could receive one if you are my art collector or if you are on my snail mail list. (I feel wrong calling it that, as sometimes USPS mail is super speedy just not instant email)
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