Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A One Night Exhibit

I snapped a few quick pics with my droid phone after my assistant Jenipher and I installed my artwork at the Maitland Art Center last Friday. I am thankful for Jenipher and really enjoyed having her assistance. My day started early, loading art into my suv, art which had already been packed in bags in prior days of preparation to be on site by 9am. This particular event is one where people can buy and take right away, so small pieces are mixed in with larger pieces. Jen had school so I finished up hanging art the rest of the afternoon to return home at 3, grabbed a Jimmy Johns Veggie sub for lunch, ate while watching the rest of  Ellen, put my feet up, answered calls and emails, then showered and dressed to return for the event

 at 5 pm. When I returend I moved my print stand to the right from the spot above so people could get up close to see the whimsical details in Poppies in Paradise.

Also when I returned at 5 a light was "out" on "Envisage" so we thought, but after getting a ladder out and changing the bulb we discovered it was just on a different switch.
I was beyond excited that the Forefathers performed. Everyone enjoyed .As the night came they had colorful large glowing lights all about them. I bought 2 of their cds and can't wait to make art while listening to them.
Another cool thing at Culture and Cocktails is that the Sketchclub
has a model and works live through the evening. And the food created by iCrave was tasty! I had a black bean burger and it was so scrumptious I went back and took one for the road at the end of the night.
Christina's friend snapped this shot at the opening.
The featured artists me and Jon have our work in the museum gift shop.
See my mugs, bags, cards, and paintings.

Then that very same day at 9 pm, the pieces that were not sold come back. Sales and art collectors are databased the next morning. I send out thank you and certificates of authenticity to my art collectors. And then stage an area with works for my next exhibit "Amalgamation" in May, and also another area for pieces going to galleries. Just a glimpse into a day in the life of an artist's one night exhibition.
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PoetessWug said...

That looks like so much fun Robin! I bet it feels pretty amazing too! ^_^

phyllis thomas said...

Thanks, Robin, for your moment by moment journey to and from your one night exhibit. It's a lot of work for one night, but everyone who visited benefited from seeing your wonderful work. I'll be able to make your next show at Avalon! Congratulations, friend!

dlynn said...

So sad to have missed the show! Everything looks beautiful. I love your use of color, awesome report.

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Beautiful exhibit, Robin! A lot of hard work but I'm sure well worth it.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Wow! What a great opportunity and a lot of work! You are such a go getter! Great post.

Cherry Runway said...

It was SUCH a HUGE pleasure working with you! I can't wait to to it again.

I'm so glad it went well!! Your work is just phenomenal!

smiles and <3,