Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Goodbye my little Chickadee

My little "Chickadee and Apple" is being prepared to ship to its new home.
I include a Certificate of Authenticity and my artist bio and statement with the original artwork. Here I have attached the certificate in a plastic envelope on top of the portfolio folder. In this case the artwork is an unframed pastel, so it will be shipped securely in this portfolio folder.  
I hand cut and tape mat board together for shipping unframed pastels. 
In the box I surround this with packing materials.
Once upon a time I made a cradle for the pastel art so that nothing would touch it because I did not always spray my work.Through the years companies change their recipes for products so I am always testing them. Last year I found a fixative I really like, Winsor and Newton. This sprayed piece will ship perfectly sandwiched in the mat board portfolio all the way from Florida to Michigan. I included a few notes about framing on the mat board itself so it is with the artwork. Pastels must be framed under glass. My preference is museum glass or non-reflective glass, never non glare glass, it disables the work from being seen correctly. I suggest a mat and the use of spacers between the art and the mat. Pastels are the purest pigment an artist can work with; they refract light and color like diamonds. I am honored to be an elected Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America.

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It's just a painting said...

Thanks for the suggestion of the WN fix. I'll try it!