Friday, May 13, 2011

Headlines and Deadlines

I am excited to share Orlando Sentinel's Art Columnist Terry Hummel featured our exhibit "Amalgamation" in Night of Arts in Orlando, the May 13 issue. I am thrilled with the compliments he gave us, (Aurora and me).
I have watched both of these artists evolve and grow during the last decade, and I think you'll agree that their work has rightfully earned international recognition and awards. Terry Hummel
I have also been featured in an fab interview by Josh Garrick for the Wandering Educators Site.
 "...amidst that love of nature, Robin Maria Pedrero is among the first rank of Artists using technology to send her work out into the world, finding clients for her paintings. Along with the Galleries that carry her work, Robin has a significant presence – and client base – on Facebook and on Twitter. Robin enjoys both the creativity – and the “business” of being an Artist in the 21st Century." Josh Garrick
I shared my most recent painting on my newsletter. I email peeps myself but people also subscribe to receive my newsletter once a month automatically via Feed Blitz, or Rss feed as I use a blog to host my newsletter.
I am busily putting together the tags, (art labels) and persevering to get them the same size. If you have any good tricks please share. As you can see I am still finishing up details for the exhibit. The deadline is Monday. I bought some foam board,  Kenneth Cole heels, and Dr. Scholls foot pads. I looked at an adorable bag that could hold my phone, but it wouldn't stay closed. I am pleased to to have confirmed John Menendez of iCrave  who will be gathering select cheeses, crackers and fruits for trays designed with the iCrave catering touch.
Image above is "Prosper" 60" x 48" acrylic by Robin Maria Pedrero
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Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Congrats on all the good press, you so deserve it! This show is going to be AMAZING! and what a great venue, right in the heart of Orlando. You are amazing and I'm proud to call you my friend Robin. Way to

PoetessWug said...

Good Job Robin...Congrats! :-]