Friday, May 27, 2011

Virginia is for Cow Lovers - Holsteins to be exact

The Virginia Holstein Association is delighted to host the
2011 National Holstein Convention
June 22-25th, in Richmond, Virginia.

"We invite all our Holstein friends to come and enjoy the best of Virginia: magnificent Holsteins, rich history, and southern hospitality."
I am one of the artisans of Cow Art and More,  "the place where "art and agriculture meet"... an art gallery of fine art and craft capturing the essences of agriculture and farm life." I am excited to share that my Fine Art Cow Handbags and Accessories will be available at the Holstein Convention at the Cow Art and More booth.

Link to a page sharing my farming story 

I love that the inside of the bags, the mini pouch key rings and the pouches all have black and white images.

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1 comment:

PoetessWug said...

I love these!! So colorful on one side...and then the black and white image on the other side! Cool!!...And seeing as I'm from the South and grew up on a farm, I might be predisposed to like them! ^_^