Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting Live and Tips

Here's my studio table after returning from the event. Although thoroughly drained, and needing a day to recoup my energy, I had so much fun! I was invited by Benoit Glazer to come back to paint at the Timucua White House again. While sharing about my recent live painting demo as Satoko Fujii Ma - Do (Satoko Fujji pianist link ) performed music, several visual artists shared how uncomfortable they are working live. Early on in my career I was somewhat unsure. I learned  that one must cancel out thoughts of oh what would everyone think at every brush stroke. I will say I was nervous yesterday for the first time in awhile, not about making art, but more about not wanting to get paint on the walls or the musicians! I had researched the music and found it would be quite unique, and I was curious about how I might feel painting with them so close to me. I also thought we had some things in common.
This band’s name, like it’s music, has many layers. Ma-do means “window” in Japanese. But “ma” also means “the silence between notes.” Fujii chose the name to show how the music opens to the outside (just like window) and that silence can have more meaning than notes. In an acoustic setting, the group’s absorbing improvisations explore subtle textures and tone colors, using silence and group interaction to build brilliant collages of sound, melody, and rhythm.
The music of Satoko Fujii Ma -Do  has quite moments, and different from the dance floor in my studio where I play my eclectic ipod mix, or at an art only demo, is that these musicians deserved the respect of not having me rustling through my paint tubes or the disruptive cellophane wrapper around the charcoal. So sometimes it was awkward for me as I had to adjust my impromptu inspiration and move to something else just to be quiet. Music is quite influential in all of my art pieces, and I sincerely see the influence in the work I created at the event. I was overly thrilled that Satoko gifted me their new CD Heat Wave! Satoko Fujii Ma- Do is off to Montreal, then Chicago, LA, Vancouver...enjoy! (it was videoed will share later)
For artists looking for tips on painting live
  • Practice in your own space, timing yourself, adjusting the process to meet the needs of the venue or time constraints. (I often work flat in the early stages, and at this event I worked on an easel)
  • Prepare all of your supplies and work in advance. (for instance I brought 4 water containers and a jug of water so I would not be away from the easel changing water)
  • Pretend you are in the audience and make a list of questions and answer them. Print it out. Rehearse your answers so it flows.
  • Don't be afraid to make corrections, your corrections often teaches others.
  • Smile.

I worked on two pieces.

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