Friday, July 15, 2011

Mockingbird Flies

"Mockingbird Flies" is filled with nature, flowers and a striking mockingbird. The true story here is of a mother's love for her child as she comforts the child through the night seeking solace in the song of the mockingbird in the night air. Very subdued in the top right is a house, outside is a mother holding a child in her arms. Hidden behind the ferns on the right are three mockingbird eggs in a nest, more evident in the photos in progress. Below in the various stages of the work in progress you can see the layers of color and nature building until the final piece above. The very first layer of paint is yellow ochre. Beside the painting in this next photo are some notes shared with me by the person who commissioned the painting. I incorporate colors, stories, and subjects using symbolism to depict the story... this one a love story of a mother's endurance through the night, the cry of the mockingbird with it'swhite stripped wings flying over their garden night after night brings a familiar sense of comfort and unity. There is copper and other metal used in the nest representing the art collector who makes wonderful jewelry.

I love to wear these gorgeous Australian Ruby Red earrings by Wellspring Creations the hero of our story who still awakens in the middle of the night, often inspired to create her work, listening to the Mockingbird's song.  I am not sure why but ever since the first moment I placed these earrings on I call them my energizing empowering earrings...when I wear them I accomplish a lot and feel great!

Wellspring Creations has been gracious to share her journey, I am thankful.
Limited edition prints are now available

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Rita said...


WellspringCreations said...

Thank you, Robin, for the beautiful painting, the lovely interpretation of our story, and your gracious comments about my jewelry! I'm glad you're enjoying your earrings!

Nancy's WildWire said...

This is an amazing love story, I love the painting and learning the inspiration behind it makes it more special. It is really tells us so much about 2 amazing women, Robin and Judy. How wonderful for all of us that you can share this with us!

Janet Bocciardi said...

I love how you interpreted her story and how special that painting must be for her! Thanks for sharing your process and how her earrings lift your spirit!

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Beautiful story and painting! Thanks for sharing.

Audrey said...

What a touching story. I love this :D