Monday, August 22, 2011

Marilyn Monroe and John Lee Clohn Art

Here's a sneak peek at Marilyn and Monroe, two more painting hopefuls for the dresses exhibit. I create several pieces for an exhibit, sometimes they all are exhibited and sometimes we make selections.
Reminder the Dresses: objects of art opens September 15th at The Gallery at Avalon Island Orlando Florida.

Upon returning home one day I found this placed aside in my door entry way.

I picked it up, remembering that I met someone on twitter awhile back who said he would send me free art and I'd said ok. I brought it inside to pull it open,  then went to grab a knife to slice it open and just as I entered the knife, in the nic of time I saw that the backside of this cardboard had the actually art piece on it.
AND it is soooo cool!! 

I just think this piece is rockin'! One of my favorite color combos is this blue and red, and the use of the design with the play on the iconic couple is dynamite. I like the concept of how they each have one eye but two together.
John Lee, THANK YOU!! our whole family enjoys having your art in our home.

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1 comment:

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

what a NEAT story! I can't believe it just came in the mail for you. how very cool. thank you for sharing the note and the art. This made my night, after seeing YOU in person at Red Chair Affair that is...