Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 The daily rains and damp weather cause the mushrooms to flourish in Florida. The moisture factor makes them sprout up, seemingly out of nowhere. A few weeks ago I began creating this pair of mushroom paintings. There are layers of paint, resist, and more paint. This process continues until completed. I think they are probably meadow mushrooms..anyone know for sure? well perhaps they are not finished enough for you to tell. I admire people who have learned about the vast varieties of mushrooms with the ability to know which poisonous varieties to avoid. Once while we were vacationing in the mountains a family hopped out of their car with cloth bags all excited about finding mushrooms. They were from another country in Europe where they were accustomed to harvesting them and were so delighted to have found the variety in the local woods.


Shannon Grissom said...

I love the color and feel of these Robin. I too wish I knew enough to harvest my own. Love the series.

Chris said...

Hello Robin You have jolted a childhood memory of going out early in the morning to pick mushrooms. My father would look for a likely paddock usually full of cows and we would set off with our buckets and knives. I didn't eat the mushrooms as a child only enjoyed picking them. I would probably not pick from the wild now. Your mushroom paintings really capture the mystical nature of what mushrooms mean to me. TFS

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Love the serendipitous nature of this painting. Make sure you post continue to post photos as it nears completion and the finish work.

I too used to pick mushrooms in cow pastures with my father. Thanks for jogging the memory.