Thursday, September 08, 2011

How do you do it?

Everyday I am asked how do you do it? 
The it being accomplish or achieve what I do.

Never mistake activity for achievement. John Wooden

 I remind myself always to work smarter, learn from others and from my mistakes. I try to have a positive attitude, a sense of humor and to press on even in adversity. I mentor, teach and share my methods of art and art business. So if you are interested in reading here's a typical day like today. Here's how I spent my time;

I wake up naturally before 6 am turn on the TV for weather and a little news, click it off and go to my studio, turn on computer, let dog out, make coffee, check mail, sales, enjoy time with #earlybirdchat friends on twitter, facebook. Read and have a meditative moment. Check task list and calender. Some of these tasks delegate what I do next, and then I juggle, and multi task. Turn on music. Feed the birds. I take care of orders, packaging, shipping. Respond to emails, tweet, respond to facebook. I research then order supplies online from 2 companies. I design and order some more of my cell phone cases from Case Mate. I add more products to my Etsy shop. Make a bite to eat and play with the dog. Then I prepare and package prints, note cards, and fine art bags and accessories which will be going to the 48th All American Dairy Show with Cow Art and More.    I filled out and scanned contracts. More social network media, and sharing and supporting the tribe. Photograph some art and some art and me (like the pic above), upload pictures. By this time there's a hurricane of products, papers, packaging, and scraps around the studio. Heat up some lunch, take care of snail mail, run around with the dog. Make some phone call appointments, clean up the room.Throw in a load of laundry. Do the dishes. Prepare to shop for supplies for 10 commissions and to make new pieces, print out coupons. Deliver items to ship to my art collectors. Go to PO Box and find a check where I believe my art collector has over paid me. Get gas. Go shopping for art supplies, score a good sale, till cashier says oh next week it will be cheaper after I paid. At home let dog out, play in grass. Go into email, contracts and bookkeeping to confirm over payment and communicate with customer via email. Eat a bowl of cereal outside till it rains. Toss clothes in dryer. Back in the studio. More calls, check email and social network media. Made weekend plans, and set up time to deliver art to the gallery for Dresses. Proceeded to database all of the dresses, and look! a perfect light to rephotograph them all outside.  So I set that up and half way through I realize the white light setting was wrong and I retake the first few dresses. Load pics to pc, check them. Make scans of small pieces. Make dinner. I create an inventory list and send it to the exhibit and gallery directors. It's 7 pm, but I am still not done. I have various tasks and some resizing and listing to do for my shop. Notice I am almost at 1999 likers, and share I am almost at 2000 and celebrate on twitter with 2003. Then some family and friends time. I stage my art for tomorrows delivery. Then move my laptop to where we watch tv and do a little bit of this and that,  blog, social network media, email, and fold laundry.
That's how I do it.

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MaryArtStudio said...

This is Awesome! never have really put down, to paper all the massive work it takes to do what we love to do! this blog is a must I likey to share in twitter... thanks Robin!!

Roisin Markham said...

Robin you make it look so easy [sic] - and when you put it all down like that how does it make you feel to look over it?
What is your reaction to it...

Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald said...

Oh my gosh, Robin! Where do you find the time to paint!??