Monday, September 26, 2011

How a Dragonfire Dress Comes to Life

This dress painting began last year before I was even invited to be a featured artist in the Dress exhibit. There are numerous layers of paint on this canvas, gaining various textures. When I abstractly painted the greens, blues and grays I saw a dragon form in the paint, it truly did not take much to accentuate his presence on the canvas. The finding of forms within the paint is a regular part of my process. Finding images is actually something I have naturally done since I was a child. A few years ago I posted and somewhat expanded the term and use of nephelococcygia in my creative process.

This term is used when people find familiar objects within cloud shapes. At one time or another, humans have looked up to the clouds and imagined shapes resembling familiar objects. The earth's atmosphere and the system of the weather are complex and self-organizing. The sky itself is transient, permanent and fleeting, and transfixed all at the same time. Nephelococcygia was first coined in the play The Birds written in 414 B.C. by the Greek comic poet Aristophanes. Pisthetairos (which can be translated to mean "Mr. Trusting") and Euelpides (which can be translated to mean "Mr. Hopeful") with the help of Tereus, tired of the Earth and Olympus, decide to erect a perfect city between the clouds, to be named Cloud-Cuckoo-Land (Νεφελοκοκκυγία -- Nephelokokkygia). Finding faces, objects and animal images in other things like wood, trees, fabric, and clouds is part of the creativity I utilize in my work. (October 2008)

This canvas sat on my wall for quite some time and all the while I envisioned red as the contrasting color that would be utilized. While preparing for the exhibit in my dress painting filled studio, I suddenly knew I needed to create a red dress behind the dragon. I am very pleased with this final painting "Dragonfire Dress". (20" x 16" gallery wrapped canvas) Presently on exhibition at The Gallery at Avalon Island Orlando Florida in Dresses: objects of art.


Pen and Paperie said...

what a great process and an amazing painting!

Nancy's WildWire said...

I am always amazed! This is lovely and so full of life!