Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make it a Quest

Driving around when my kids were young, they'll all tell you, before smart phone maps and gps, we were rarely ever lost, as soon as we didn't know exactly where we were I told them we were on an adventure. October is on the horizon and I am assessing my year, the detours building patience, accomplishments, the bottom line, setbacks, successes and aspirations. While sometimes life places strains on sustaining my business desires;  I think I have moved more boxes in the past 3 months than I've moved in my whole life, sometimes it allows one a new perspective.  Yesterday I met with another artist who I mentor in art and art business. We both learn tips and share about building our business. Knowing there are many aspects of an art business to juggle our session is diverse yet focused ; online sales, the brick venues, building business, connecting with art collectors, attending art and fund raising events, mentoring and teaching, publishing, packaging, shipping, and always creating more artwork. In conclusion, one of the best ideas is the incentive to work smarter. One of my suggestions as a sole proprietor is to join a group or team where there is support, and promotion inviting  potential sales and opportunities. How do you work smarter? What are some of your favorite teams or groups?

Upcoming  I will be sharing your response with working smarter ideas and more on teams. Above is "Monarch in the Vineyard" a just completed commission, 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas.


Kesha Brown said...

One of my favorite teams is my mastermind team. It's what you described with your friend - we keep each other focused on our goals, be accountable to each other, and inspire one another.

I love it and I think everyone needs that type of support, especially when building a business ;-)

Love the artwork depicted here!


ReAl Man BiJu said...