Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Award Creations of Arts + Awards for United Arts

I am pleased to share I witnessed continued affirmations of art and its purposes in our lives as I attended Arts + Awards of United Arts. I am honored to have been asked to create the actual awards for the recipients. Above is a video sharing my thoughts, process and a bit about the awards. 
(I am a bit rusty in slideshow making so you might have to watch twice to catch all the words..)

The United Arts President Margot Knight spoke frankly and to the heart about the people involved in the arts and the positive impact of arts. How the arts nurtures, changes lives, and connects with our souls. 
I must share this incredible project;
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando has been named the recipient of two LIVESTRONG® Community Impact Project awards bringing valuable cancer support programs to patients in Central Florida. The projects are created by LIVESTRONG, the organization founded by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, which serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action.
Working in partnership with United Arts of Central Florida, The Creative Center’s Artists-in-Residence program will offer patients the opportunity to learn about and become absorbed in their own creative resources as they meet the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. read more ...United Arts Interact
   Margot shared that when people are in the act of creating they do not experience pain; studies show they do not press on their pain buttons - another aspect of how art heals through the making of art. I reflect on my own art making, and instinctively know its therapeutic.

Cheers to the nominees and award recipients who make a difference in Central Florida ... sending spirals of positivity around the world. Here's more on the event from Matthew Palm of the Orlando Sentinel

P.S. If you read yesterdays blog post about how art heals I really must share with you how the lovely Secily Wilson accidentally announced that the awards were created by DR. Maria Pedrero... hmmmmm giggles  ... Margot re-announced with my full artist name *wink.

Gratitude - To Margot, Emma, Cory, Trudy, Mary, Julianna, Penny, Laura, Jenn... and all of the staff and volunteers who made this event and the arts come alive.


Allison Reece said...

Loved the slideshow, Robin! Such a wonderful well-meaning event. I really liked how you painted each one that could be hung in different directions. Great idea!
Allison Reece

Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME & what a GREAT event to be asked to make the awards for.
LOVED the slideshow!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thank you Allison and Dale Anne.

Chris said...

Congratulations Robin. What an honour you must be very proud? Your art is beautiful, the recipients of the awards are very lucky to have your art in their home. Well done.

AmberrMeadows said...

I think this is wonderful! I never thought about the connection between art and "pain threshold", but it makes sense.

Beautiful blog and beautiful work, btw. Take care!

Grace Salter said...

When the pain from my Fibromyalgia is at my worst and I just need to relax, I love to come to your art website Robin and just look at your art. You are a visual artist and I am the interpreter of your art for my personal needs and each piece of art has a beautiful story that I enjoy creating as I also visualize what I see in your art, the colors, technique and concept you put down on canvas. I find your work relaxing, inspiring, pain lifting that the last collection of "The Dresses" really gave me some pain free moments that I truly needed. Thank you again Robin. You are an inspiration and continue your great work! Looking forward to your next "collection!" Grace Salter

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

these are so beautiful. I am very proud of you. what an amazing job you did!

Janet Vanderhoof said...

Yes, I have had many times that art has been therapeutic for me. I believe it had a two fold aspect for me, one focusing in the moment, quieted my mind and second a great way to release emotions that may be difficult to express otherwise. Congratulations Robin what an honor.