Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elegant and Contemporary Miniature Framed Dresses

For two weeks I have been shopping for these adorable little frames to compliment these small original dresses. These works of art were started as the size of an aceo (artist card editions and originals) which officially are 3 1/"2 by 2 1/2", however even though the frames state they are that very size I had to trim the works of art slightly to fit the frames. 
These miniature framed dresses are a delight on their own or as a grouping. 

I played with selecting each beautiful decorative frame 
just like selecting a pair of shoes to go with ones outfit.
And for all tastes... and decor.
Petite and full of style.
A perfect gift or item for your wish list.

 Tonight I am especially excited to have created new dress pieces 
on the paper that I hand marbled last year!

I've been sharing this miniature series on my facebook page 
while slowly listing then in my etsy shop so if you don't see it listed
if you would like one just let me know.
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Lisa Graham Art said...

Now it worked!

Okay, what I was so desperately trying so say on here is that these are so exquisite and lovely and I want to own ALL of them! How fun to shop for frames for them too. : )

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thank you so very much Lisa!!!

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Great idea Robin! Love these miniatures...

Dale Anne Potter said...

Robin, these are AMAZING & I just have to say - again YOU INSPIRE me everyday. Your ideas push me to think outside the box for my artwork.
THANK YOU for being in my life!!!

Photo Girl said...

Beautiful! I love your choice of frames to corrospond with each piece of art!

Helle said...

What beautiful miniature pieces - and I simply love your frames.