Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cover Collaboration for United Arts

I am delighted to share the honor of this collaborative United Arts Report to the Community publication with all of you. Way back in June and July while I was working on dresses, commissions, and taking some great family vacations to the mountains and NYC, the art for this project was in full gear. After a brainstorming session with the lovely Emma Kruch, Communications Manager for United Arts, I created the vision that we discussed using acrylics on canvas.

The image and the plan for the cover took on a few changes 
as both sides of the team worked to get it just right. 
We played with additions so I painted more on the top and the bottom of the piece.

 Emma and the team of design professionals took pieces of the flowers and incorporated them into their logo and carried the cover image in the background through to every single page in the report.

When I went into the office in Maitland Florida to pick up some copies of the report I brought the painting as a gift for Emma, as you can see it here on her office wall. 
I just love Happy Endings!
For those in my circle of collectors - if you would like a copy of the report  I'll send you one.


Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Absolutely sending a powerful message! I adore your work and this is truly a feather in your cap. I would love a copy of this for my Robin collection.

Chris said...

Fantastic achievement and beautiful art work, sending a thought provoking message.