Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gathering Together

Wordsworth has been a favorite of mine since Mr. Smith's English class in high school  at St. Bernard's    " All that we behold is full of blessings."    
I desire to wake up every morning and not lose this thought and to let it reign throughout the day. 
 Our hearths and hearts warm up in our homes this season. We pull out our traditions, some wrapped in last years newspapers, some covered in seasoned scars from years of counter top cooking. The scents, the culinary delights and gathering together remind us of memories, to hold dear and to love and cherish in all of these precious moments. We won't cry over stains, and we'll smile at what goes untouched remembering hmm they ate all of that last year..but maybe I forgot the salt?...smiles anyhow, what matters most is the comfort and the joy in giving thanks and gathering together. 

Our family menu is pretty fun and diverse! As the hostess of fifteen to twenty, I serve a lot of appetizers as was tradition in my mother's house. I will share a few highlights that we, my daughters and I,  are preparing; scallops and dates wrapped in bacon, sweet and sour meatballs, deviled eggs, (Josie's specialty) a clam and cream cheese dip that is baked,and brie on bread toasted then sprinkled with confection sugar (this recipe is from my dear friend and artist Diana). 
I serve several beverages but our favorite are snowflakes! This recipe was tweeted to me by one of my art collectors. Frangelico, vodka and cream ....divine snowflake!

We serve the typical dishes for the Thanksgiving feast, and some unique favorites.  Over the years we discovered my brother in law enjoys to make a great turkey, accompanied by his wife's potato salad.
My mother in law makes the best flan in this world! Tahra is baking up a multitude of pies and a special pear tart, Elise is stirring up the chocolate fudge, and Josie is making a cupcake wreath amongst many other delicious dishes.
I usually encourage a walk, that my uncle encouraged each thanksgiving when I was young. We will be cheering on our Dolphins as they play football, and after wards we all play Catch Phrase.
 I am blessed. And I wish you and yours every blessing - and the ability to behold blessings throughout the day, every day.


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

It sounds like it's going to be a perfect day :)

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family.

Chris said...

Sounds like a heavenly feast, how lovely to be surrounded by so many family members.

Becky Joy said...

I hope that you and your family had an awesome and wonderful Thanksgiving.