Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lisa Call asks YOU

 "Psst" 8 x 8" by Robin Maria Pedrero (created this week just sold tonight)

I admire both the artwork and the business attitude of my friend Lisa Call. I like many of her Structures pieces, and the Lines series. She has a great blog and as a subscriber I am responding to her questions in her recent blog post . I might add I've never met Lisa in person, and we met on twitter.. another great thing about twitter!

What medium do you prefer to work in and why?

I am presently enjoying the fluidity and diversity of working with acrylic on canvas. I especially like being able to layer colors. I also like that the paint dries quickly so I can work at will. I am very pleased that I do not need to use harmful solvents to paint. I also like the ability to mix other mediums in with my applied acrylics; I incorporate pastels, inks, charcoal and pencil.

Have you always been an artist?

Yes.  I painted in kindergarten in a special red, blue and yellow paint splattered smock sewn by my mother. I crafted and created in every medium throughout childhood. I took years of oil painting lessons with professional artists.  I won awards, began selling my art and exhibiting at The Mystic Art Association Gallery as a teen. I have always created art and I continue to do so. 

I have had day jobs and a wide range of them. Some of my day jobs might surprise you; teaching mental outpatients, telemarketing, waitress, hostess, manager of hair salon, photographer, receptionist, exhibitions and event coordinator for gallery, marksman, armed guard at a nuclear facility, in house undercover detective, gourmet chef, art tent heat sealer and sales, hair model, talent scout, teaching youths and college art, non- profit arts administrator, fashion buyer, sales for numerous things….and you know what? All of these occupations have impacted the art I create.

What was the moment when you first realized you are capable of creating an art career for yourself?

Knowing I was an artist was one thing but learning how to become capable of an expanding artistic career is a lifelong learning experience. Early recognitions and awards affirmed my artistic career path, but the sales as a teenager solidified that I could potentially make a living as an artist.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Inspiration connects in my mind via scents, music, words, film, and always nature. I connect my experiences and form pieces of art, which begin through my response in color, shapes, and lines.

What is your favorite work of art by another artist and why?

Every single day I look at art and I often have new favorites. .. or parts that I favor in pieces of art. Here’s a selection I like found randomly on Pinterest


How would you answer these questions? 

If you decide to answer please share that the original questions came from Lisa, Thanks!

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Lisa said...

Robin - thanks for the very kind words.

Thanks for answering - I love reading about other artist's backgrounds.