Friday, January 06, 2012

The Good Gifters

Perhaps it is the fact that they were Kings themselves who embraced the journey to bestow gifts to a baby King or that the Magi just kept Christmas going with more gifts on 3 Kings Day in my childhood Italian home but year after year the mystery of the Magi brought visions of the glow of the star, the long journey, and creating art of this scene which we celebrate today, Jan 6th. But not this year. I was gaining the gift of empathy for those who are sick or with chronic illness as I endured one health issue after another last month. I am well now, but there's not a new painting of this scene to share. I have wondered how they knew what gifts to bring? You know how some people are really good gifters?

Their purposeful journey brings me back to thinking about the upcoming year and defining my goals. Taking a deep breath in and slowly letting it out.

 Again - thanks for joining me on my visual journey - Robin

Update on the Baterbys Competition
They are taking RSVPs and tallying the artist you will support at the event at this link 

And I am still in need of your vote via a FB LIKE on this page
And a gift for you who would like more on the Journey of the Magi by Jan Richardson, a writer and artist who I heard speak, met her, bought her books and I really am glad she writes these introspective  blog posts ..enjoy  Epiphany: Blessing for Those Who Have Far to Travel

Above is the newest addition to my cases on Gallery523 Lavender Rain...shown in iphone 3 model
go here to see more Cases

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Lisa Graham Art said...

I liked you on facebook Robin...and good luck with the competition! Your work is full of life!

Glad you are feeling better.