Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Reflecting and Pondering

Although I did accomplish quite a bit last year, and many of the goals I had posted came to fruition I left the year feeling slightly unsatisfied due to various opportunities in licensing where communications fizzled..after a vivid beginning came a long gestation with investment of energies that ended with an unresponsive company. Limbo is such a dysfunctional place for me.
I enter 2012 knowing I want success and prosperity and pondering my path to achieving this goal. I believe part of my thing in life is to "connect";  other people together, the dots, ideas, help find ways to meet the needs of others, and make a difference.  My mother instilled in me the ability to be a creative problem solver and to be charitable, which she illustrates everyday in her life. I share my successes daily with mentoring and charity. My word picture is like a spiral that ripples outward. I use spirals and curls a lot in my work. Its like the wind or connections of movement. This is how my mind works and how I paint, I connect.

And isn't it interesting that I use the snail as my symbol for time and it is a spiral.....

So like many of you I am watching all the goals pour out in blogs and thinking of just how I should align myself this new year. I am on the horizon of various directions. 
Word picture; octopus. 

                    I googled Octopus then Octopus Jewelry and Liked this one by

I think in symbols and visual images, and sometimes I actually have to find the words to express the visual.

Above the very top image is Jackson's Chameleon, a piece which the staff at Baterbys selected for the competition. And note yet another spiral in that tail! The competition is underway and I am still requesting your help if you haven't already voted via FB LIKE on my Baterbys page please consider doing so here 
Voting ends Jan 13

Goals are forthcoming ..To be Continued

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