Monday, January 02, 2012

Time for My Accountability Response

Accountability is solidified by publicly posting my goals. These were my 2011goals and here's how I did
1. Fine Tune my artistic voice - Yes and I am continuing this as a lifetime process
2. Apply for shows - Yes, however not as many as I dreamed of applying for...I had quite a few shows; Amalgamation, Dresses, Trees for Life Charity Exhibit (Scotland), Red Chair Affair, Edgewater Library, Peace Now (Mexico), Summer Exhibition"The Edmunds Gallery (GB), Maitland Art Center Featured Artist, Painting Live to Satoko Fujii Ma-do at the Timucua White House, Dynamic Duos (CT)

 3. Maintain present Galleries;  Celebrations Gallery, CT,Gallery 17.92, FL, Juxtapose, NJ, Galeria Tonatazin, CA,Wolfe Gallery, FL. . Expand to new territory in other states (exhibits, shows, art centers, galleries, museums) . Exhibit at additional Galleries and venues in Florida - presently in 2011 I have 4 exhibitions lined up. I have kept up with these, and declined to renew in GT at this time, and may consider it again in the future, so I am looking for representation in CA.
4. Create and document 80 new pieces of work.I did quick count in my database and I totaled 109 originals. .. but I know I am not finished databasing them all
5. Continue to market work online and in products and increase sales. Yes, we all know I marketed..
6. Prepare EARLY for the Holidays and Promotions I did however I still have numerous pieces which I did not finish
7. Organize and back up data - this includes weekly bookkeeping which is one of the best things I did for my business last year.I can't say I was a slacker but I did procrastinate and it hurt me to do so, last year I was much more on top of things, and this upcoming year I am going to try something new thanks to Santa Hubby - using my new ipad.
8. Continue my positive practices; blogging, social network medias, newsletters, postcards, mailing lists, and attending exhibits. Yes I did all of this
9. Inspire, share, mentor and give Yes, and I will always continue with this.
10. Maintain present Museum Gift Shops - Orlando Museum Of Art, Maitland Art Center, Florida Museum of Art, Florida Museum for Women Artists gift shop. And apply for more. I kept up with these yet I failed to apply at more
11. Make art video ..I did one! And I've big surprises with this medium in store for 2012.

Guess what I've kicked of the New Year with a NEW NEWSLETTER Format, I am using Mail Chimp
You can sign up here  and view it in my previous newsletter blog here


Lisa Graham Art said...

I made my little list of 20 things last night. Your list is a good one and it looks like you did really well on it. I love your work! Look forward to seeing you in action in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Janet Vanderhoof said...

Inspiring, and wishing you great success for 2012.

liza myers said...