Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Abstract Figure Explorations vs Realistic Portraits

This new painting "The Farmers Daughter" has me quite intrigued about the possibilities of creating more figurative works which are abstract. For those who are new to my repertoire - for many years I was primarily a portrait artist, creating realistic works on commission. I still do commissioned portraits occasionally. Portraits
Pastel of Savita

Although I am so attracted to faces and portraiture I love the freedom of just painting whatever I want to create.  With a career of years of portraiture I really have to use a lot of self control to keep a figure or face abstract. I played with these geometric looser portraits a few years ago.

"Linger" 20" x 16" pastel

I share these experiences with you as I feel it may help those who like to explore possibilities in their own work. I am not sure when I will move forward with more abstract figures as this is just a new planted seed - and we shall see if it grows. In the meantime  - enjoy the journey!

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Becky Joy said...

All beautiful portraits Robin, but I especially like the last one. Exploration is so important for growth in anything.

Sarah said...

I really like the abstract one, it leaves a lot for the mind to think about and captures part of the person you may not see at first glance.

Anonymous said...

I love to look at and see wounderful Artist as You. Like I always say "Support Art and the Artist" @AlabamaBYRD BIG BYRD SMILES PopDotArtist