Saturday, February 18, 2012

Contest for Artiste Winery Art Label

Growing up we had a wine toast for events and the holidays as regular part of our family tradition, I grew up with a healthy attitude about consuming alcohol and later learned more about wine as we toured Spain's bodegas... and to this day  I always enjoy a winery. ... I became an artist and traveler where wine is a frequent part of the journey. We as a family enjoy not only the wine but the story behind the wine.
I am elated to share that my work was chosen out of 450 to be one of 16 finalists for the Artiste Wine Label Contest.
Now I need your help to win.
1.If you are a facebook user please go to this page and LIKE their page ARTISTE.
Step 2.  look to the left column and select Artiste Art Label Contest 
Step 3. Click Vote Now
Step 4. Click on Wander Where the Wind Blows by Robin Maria Pedrero (you can only vote once) 
My art on a wine label would make my mother really happy!
That's her above long before I was born... 
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