Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hot Snowflake Entry for Swatch and TTR Trophy

Twitter is a great place to connect and be introduced to opportunities and here's proof. I received a tweet from Swatch saying they liked my art and encouraged me to enter this contest to design a swatch and trophy for The TTR World Snowboard Tour Trophy and the official Swatch Tour Watch.

The TTR Snowboard Tour site posted this

 Swatch Art Rules is an excellent opportunity for an artist to showcase their work and break into the spotlight through the snowboard and art worlds. As one of the most coveted awards in freestyle snowboarding, the TTR Tour trophy is featured throughout the TTR season and is awarded to the tour champions live on stage at the biggest events in the sport. In addition, the matching Swatch Tour Watch with the winning design will be produced and distributed worldwide in 2012/2013.

This year’s installment of the design contest presents a challenge to the artists of the world: submit a graphic design that expresses the themes of Progression and Style. Progression and Style are two elements that run through all aspects of snowboarding and an artist’s interpretation of these themes will make the TTR Trophy and Swatch Tour Watch aesthetically complete.

A jury of snowboard and art experts selects the winning design from all submitted proposals. The top three nominees will be invited to the Swatch Art Rules Night gala event in May 2012 in the Los Angeles area (USA) where the winning design and artist are set to be unveiled to the world. In addition to the portfolio-building exposure, the winner also receives a two-week trip to New York City to soak up all the art and design inspiration of the Big Apple.

I knew right away I wanted to use my image "Hot Snowflake", it's that feeling of the sun shinning, snow flying, and swooshing through the air on the slopes.
After multiple failed attempts at placing my artwork into the template I cried out on facebook and even with posted tutoring I was still inept at my goal of placing my art into the template with a lack of more photoshop skills.
I called upon friend and expert Anna McCambride-Thomas who helped me in a pinch. I highly recommend her graphic design services. And I am also a big fan of her fine art, take a peek at Anna's Fine Art

.......................... P.S. yeah I snowboarded down a very little hill once or twice *wink
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