Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It takes a tribe to title art

"Become aware of The Splendor of Each Growing Thing"  writes Diane L. Ross, 
Meditations for Miracles, p. 53 February 21,  "Nurture with Nature".

Her words inspired the title which is exactly how I feel about this painting,
 "The Splendor of Each Growing Thing"
12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

Diane and I are friends, and I enjoy her book. I utilize many varieties of books, fictional, biographical, scientific, inspirational, biblical, poetry, all to gather words to fit a painting or place in the pages of my title journal, where I keep pages of words, phrases and ideas that are potential titles for a painting not yet created. I also search lyrics.

This week I invited my tribe (friends, fans,collectors) on facebook to join in on naming three pieces of art. And WOW am I impressed! It was like receiving 100 gifts! Their shared words affirmed my visual literacy; my ability to communicate in paint. Many so accurately pin pointed exactly what I intended to express. Some even pointed out aspects that I didn't realize and gave me a new insight. 

For instance Julaine spotted a Red Phoenix in the center and opted for Red Phoenix Rising.  Dorinda suggested Sailia, for the bluebird species, and I continued it with Sailia Under the Sun. 
This morning I awoke to Lee sharing "Rhythm and Blues" and I really like that! 
Now for another twist - there's an art collector interested in buying,
so I think it best to let her in on the choosing of the final title. 
(looks like she is opting for a canvas print so this piece is still available)

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