Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sent with tender loving care

"Rhapsody" is one of my favorite pieces. This piece evolved slowly, as I painted on it for months. 
It is a self discovery, and somewhat of a treasure map.
"Rhapsody"  as I am so often told, brings immense joy to many people. 
In addition to painting being a complete personal joy, I find such deep satisfaction when my work is experienced and the work brings about a change in thought or mood.

Per request of a lovely art collector "Rhapsody"  is now offered as a
10 1/2 " print in my etsy shop

One of my other joys is packaging up my art given as gifts.
 It's such a delight to know someone is receiving a piece of my art as a gift.

I wrap and package small originals and prints and ship via the US Post office.
 I personalize the shipment with a handwritten note.
I take larger pieces to my favorite UPS packaging store where they use extra thick boxes 
just for my art, and protect it with bubble wrap. Over sized very large pieces ship by a freighter and are placed in a specially made crate.
On the center of this black desk is my Baterbys Best Artist in Florida award.

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