Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Speranza at the Steinway @ArtsFest

February 9th is the opening reception for my exhibit, Visual Music at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Altamonte Springs Florida. Presenting my newest large work, "Speranza" the Italian word which translates to Hope in English. I am very excited to have this exhibit as part of Arts Fest through United Arts. This piece is a little more abstract in my body of artworks.I am very pleased with it and will try to share some photos of it from across the room in a later post for all of my long distance fans. I painted this canvas listening and dancing to music and feel like it is filled with movement and colorful notes. The last part of 2011 was a little difficult for me and this piece was painted moving out of physical hardship into seeing the glimmers of hope.

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Janet Vanderhoof said...

That's such a great venue. Good Luck!

Janice said...

That looks like a lovely venue, Robin. Any time music and art are linked, I think they magnify each other.