Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How does an Artist in Florida get representation in Tennessee

See  the original "Daylight Has Spoken" at Liz-Beth Gallery by Robin Maria Pedrero.

 A few months ago I met with gallery owners Liz and Jim during their business trip to Orlando. This story began with a surprising call via their gallery director Gregg, who shared that Liz had seen my work and expressed an interest in meeting me.  I was glad to know she likes to meet her artists in person. Working as a smart artist and business person my unfamiliarity with Liz-Beth Gallery warranted some online research and I was thrilled with what I found. Before the weekend was up I had gathered pieces from my studio, placed them in my suv and met Liz and Jim at their hotel. Literally viewing art pulled directly from my vehicle and sharing it with them in the parking lot. We all felt like this new relationship was a great fit and decided to move forward. 

I am presently featured on the Liz-Beth  facebook Page

In  Tennessee or the Southeast? Check out this wonderful gallery
Liz-Beth & Co. is a warm, welcoming gallery,
with something for everyone. 
A friendly knowledgeable staff will make your visit a pleasure.

1 865.691.8129

That's Part One. 


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Becky Joy said...

wonderful story! congratulations.

Lisa Graham Art said...

How exciting! Thrilled for you and all the success you have with your beautiful works Robin!