Thursday, March 22, 2012

Olive Cows?

"Cows in Olive Orchard" 36" x 48" acrylic, charcoal and india ink
I almost titled this painting Olive Cows, as I feel that the cows are quite purple black olive colored. Perhaps they have garnished some of their color from munching on olives.  I've had a love for Olive Trees since I traveled to Italy in 2008! Special thanks to Mary for providing me with the reference photos for this painting. The cows were an added surprise. I completely went ga ga over the photos when she emailed me and the purple cows were part of the pictures. 

Perhaps I will get to see some of these olive orchards when I go to California in June for the Wine Label release event at Artiste Winery in Los Olivos.
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1 comment:

Nancy Pace said...

This made me chuckle:)Cute as can be!