Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did Picasso get Paint on His Toes?

As artists most of us create in spaces called studios.
It is amazing how we all want to get a peek inside the space of a master artist.
We study the possibilities of creating and delve into the artists' thought process.

One of the luxuries of having a home studio is I can paint at all hours.

In my process of working with acrylics I use both very textured thick paint
and also very wet drippy paint. I alternate between using an easel and placing works of art on folding tables so I can make adjustments in my studio accommodating different size canvases and to also adjust where the natural light falls, as I have a northern and a western window. 

Artists have so many different styles of working, and their studios are as diverse.
Take a peek at some of these I have on Pinterest .

I am aware that I am not super neat painter when it comes to splatters on the floor,
possibly a wall, table, my clothes, or even my toes.
I wonder did Picasso always wear shoes?
Or perhaps did he paint barefoot or in sandals like me?

Want to pin some of my art?  Here's a board to start you looking Robin Maria Pedrero

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Lisa Graham Art said...

What a fun post Robin. I like working at home too, but I don't have the luxury of being able to splatter and drip as I please because I work in my dining room. Looks like you have a great space. And it looks like Pablo liked to work in his underwear. To each his own. :)

Christine Kemp said...

Love your work Robin, pinning like crazy ~ love Pablo in all his glory too

aspiringimagesbyrachel said...

My messy creativity happens in the kitchen while cooking. No walls or countertops are safe!

Charles said...

From the photo it also looks like Picasso painted in his white boxer shorts.
all my clothes and shoes have paint splatters on them,

Robin Pedrero said...

Lisa and Charles,

My pjs aren't for lack of paint Pablo's boxers

Robin Pedrero said...

Christine -
OHH thank you so very much!!

Dale Anne Potter said...

GREAT post Robin!
I, too, LOVE being able to work in my studio at any hour - in pjs and barefeet. I have to watch for pins sometimes, and some pjs have paint splatters...
Creativity comes at any time - we, Artists, have to accomodate no matter what we are wearing...LOL!