Friday, April 13, 2012

Gorgeous Fine Art Silk Scarves

Fabric and textiles for clothing and interior design have always interested me.
I am so very pleased to present my very first silk scarves!!!

The above scarf is from the painting Mariposa.
Here is the painting below.
 See how the painting image is flipped to make a continuous 48" length. To help you see this look at the top of the painting and then look at the scarf where the yellow space is..that is where the painting is flipped via the top. The flipping continues via the bottom of the painting as well, where you see the pink flowers connect.

So now you have seen how a square painting translates
 into being printed on silk in the size of 6" x 48".

Next is Rhapsody, this painting is long.

So the image is flipped less times through the 48" length.

Presenting  my art on silk scarves was a big hit!
The scarves sold immediately via the images shared on facebook.
I want to present more of my images on silk.
Sometimes it is hard to choose which images I've created to select.
I am always open to suggestions for your favorites.

YES, more sizes can be available.

Please share this with friends who you know love to wear scarves
 and who love a unique fine art piece.

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