Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where is the perfect spot for a Joy Bringer?

I just can't help it. I quite often like to make art that brings a warm smile.
I believe art makes a difference.

Even golden yellow flowers in a funky cool frames
can be heart warming  and  "joy bringing".

Sometimes just a little pop can make a day brighter!

I can think of lots of places where it might be nice to have a "joy bringer";

A work desk

A bedside

Near a thinking or reading chair

In the kitchen

Greeting people near the front door

Is there a spot or a special someone in  your life right now
 that could use a little "joy bringer"?


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Donna Frasca said...

In my home! That's where! I love how little works of art or just the right combination of color can bring such joy. Beautiful.

Christine Kemp said...

It's perfect Robin.