Sunday, May 27, 2012

12 bubble headed goldfish smiles

There are just some things that bring joy just to look at them,
 to be in their presence and experience them.
 I can't touch or hold this bubble headed goldfish, but it brings me joy.
Exotic Goldfish  known as "Fancy Goldfish", "Oriental Goldfish" or "Chinese Goldfish" are a popular breed having been one of the earliest domesticated fish. The gold color was first observed in a pond in China approximately 1700 years ago during the Jin Dynasty. They were first bred in captivity approximately 1000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty by Buddhist Monks.Goldfish have the longest lifespan of any domesticated fish in the world. THE ORANDA (Carrassius auratus) or the bubble headed goldfish is generally called the flower of the water by the Chinese.
 In my mind I make connections, like most of us do, picture or word associations with sights, sounds or tastes. I once owned an Oranda named "Tweety", as it looked like Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes to me. They just make me smile.  Sometimes its just nice to do something, be somewhere, get something that makes us smile. Suggested activities to tempt a smile.
1. Contact a friend who brings a smile to your face.
2. Enjoy a simple pleasure like a cup of coffee, tea or a favorite snack, while doing nothing else.
3. Play - with friends, your kids, your pets.

4. Rearrange your space - it always refreshes. 
5. Listen to your favorite music and dance around.
6. Cook - enjoy the process, the scent and the taste.
7. Make art or a crafts project or buy art or something handmade.
8. Be an adventurer.

9. Dress up in clothes you love.
10. Grab your camera and go outside to capture things that make you happy.
11. Commit a random act of kindness and tell that person to pass it on.
12. See a bubble headed  goldfish and know somewhere else there is someone smiling at another bubble headed goldfish.

Each and every day I share my art, knowing that my art often makes connections. I receive great satisfaction in the response from viewers who feel a sense of joy from my work.
I am filled with gratitude

What makes you smile? What fills you with gratitude?
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Janet Vanderhoof said...

Always important to fuel ourselves with things we love. Love the post, makes me smile.