Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beverage of Choice

It drives me absolutely bonkers to have to pay to drink decent water via a purchase from the store or even if delivered , to not just be able to use the water right out of the faucet while at home, feels like pure craziness. Water is usually what I order when I eat out or with meals. When not having water I really enjoy to drink tea or coffee.
"Tea with Friends" 12 x 12" mixed media Robin Maria Pedrero
I enjoy the range of flavors available in beverages especially all of the nuances in coffee, tea and wine. 
I like to taste and name possible suspects. The painting "Tea with Friends" explores some of the spices, fruits and florals that could make up a cup of tea. I really like this painting.

I am continuing to create for the Artiste Winery exhibition
 for the release of my art on the wine label on June 16th.

So excited to share .....Check this out...

I already have this one titled!  "Let it Breathe"
I am carrying over the red color of the chosen Wander Where the Wind Blows piece
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Mary said...

Just beautiful Robin. I continue to be in awe of your work. The colors, textures and subjects just bring a smile to my face.

Love your work friend!

Connie Haskell said...


Connie Haskell said...