Monday, May 07, 2012

Finding Inspiration in a Typical Week

A typical day influences my thoughts with visual stimuli which might find its way into my art. The tasks I take care of in my personal and business day overflow into paintings.

A coffee meeting at Credo in College Park Florida.

A possible addition to my cups series. 

Water the flowers.

The floral design is ingrained in my mind as a visual for  future use in a painting.

Tending to yard work - finding more incredible designs.
Walking the dog. Treasures brought home from on the path.
Psyched to wear my art on silk. Off to an interview with an art student from Wales.
After the interview - lunch downtown Orlando - heavy black bean burger and tea - YUM
The city of Orlando is full of life - like these baby swans at Lake Eola.

The simple pleasures of living and gathering a visual journey.

Do you hunt to be inspired or do you absorb what fills your days?

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