Monday, May 21, 2012

How light effects where you hang your art?

Light can effect where you install your art. You would like natural light to see the work but not direct sunlight across the art. Before settling on a perfect place for your art know how the natural light will effect not only the look throughout the day but the life of the artwork.

This spot looks perfect through most hours of the day except...

 when at one point in the day
the skylight makes this harsh light for several hours

If sunlight is falling directly on the picture, the picture should be moved.

Decisions in selecting the correct placement is not only a decorative choice but  is about conservation.Over time light causes chemical changes in many materials used in paintings, most artworks are composed of organic materials, making them vulnerable to ultra violet radiation. The extent of the deterioration depends on the type of light source, its intensity and the length of exposure. Light damage is accumulative. The most obvious damages are the yellowing and darkening of varnishes and the discoloration of certain pigments.  Due to these facts it is important for me to choose wisely when it comes to supplies. I use quality archival materials whenever possible. Materials which are tested by companies for light fastness and durability so that my original art will be enjoyed through generations.

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Sarah said...

I agree, light is so important and something that often is forgotten. I love that you brought up the fact that not only can it change the look of the piece of art throughout the day(thus changing the feel of the room) but is important for the integrity of the piece. Great Post!

Robin Pedrero said...


Thank you. Sometimes a decision to hang art what seems so ordinary and convenient can really have an impact on the integrity of the piece just as you pointed out.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Amen to that. You can probably imagine this is always a conflict for me since I mainly work with art photography - which "has" to be framed behind glass so there are also the reflections to think about.

Robin Pedrero said...

Maria- Therese - yes that is another good point!

I also failed to mention that there are UV protective varnishes available as well.

Aiesha said...

Great post, i completly agree about the variety too :)

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Robin Pedrero said...