Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Posting over a cup

 I have an entire series of CUPS artwork. I am the person you spot photographing the table or cup when traveling or eating out. I like using special cups. 
I tend to enjoy double entendres, or ambiguous meanings in my works or titles.
On I have 8 pieces listed with a cup theme Cup on Etsy

 "Tempestuous Tea" by Robin Maria Pedrero
I enjoy tea, coffee and hot water with lemon. 

The above oil painting was created in the early 1980's, as a young artist 
even then I was attracted to this cup theme.

Mornings are often spent posting over coffee. I enjoy a cup and click away on the keys. 
Here's a chart I've found useful. 

what's this thing? Use your QR code reader - don't have one? 
try the ap  Neoreader. IT IS BY FAR the fastest QR code reader You will love it.
so did you see where this QR code leads yet?
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Karen June Miller said...

Love your concept of CUPS! And your work is wonderful. Hope I get to see you taking cup shots! :)

Idaho Mts

Robin Pedrero said...

Hey there Karen! Oh thank you! I use my iphone, sometimes I post them on twitter @robinpedrero , sometimes instagram, and fb.

If I am going to use the photo in my art I do not often post the photographed image as I have found others like to use the image too.

Love the coined term you used CUP SHOTS!