Thursday, May 03, 2012

Quarterly Art Review Guide

Here's my first introduction in The Baterby's Art Gallery Spring Catalog
as the "Grand Champion" of Baterby's Best Artist in Florida.

My art at Baterby's from the right
and from the left

Baterby's is located in a tourist area which local Orlando peeps also frequent at Pointe Orlando on International Drive. There are some great restaurants, a movie theater, comedy club, performances, and of course shopping.

Each time I go into Baterby's it is different, they are ever changing with new artworks and events. I took these photos with my cell phone and since some pieces have sold it looks different yet again.

 Never been to an auction? This is what one looks like at Baterby's. You can attend just to watch to get a feel for the experience. 
Guests at the auction

I encourage you to sign up for their newsletter - or blog it's very informative here's the Baterby's site 

must share this great information from Alyson Stanfield - The Art Biz Coach
How to Write an Art Review

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Lisa Graham Art said...

I love seeing all your bright, beautiful whisicalities up on the wall like that! Watching the success you have as an artist is so inspiring Robin.


Belos trabalhos!
Abraço do Brasil!!