Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spirit Bear, Who Can Resist?

There are many gifts in being selected to create a commissioned work of art, most touching of all is the heartstrings of all involved in the story of the artwork. Like "Spirit Bear" here, which I delivered today. 

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A gift from grandparents to their grandson. The symbolism comes from the grandmother's heritage.  Their story was shared with me specifically requesting a Zuni Spirit Bear with an eagle feather. 

 Throughout the time working on the painting I concentrated intently on their story. I researched music and folklore. I listened to some Native American music. I also listened to various music and specific songs repetitively, which I tend to do when I am working on one intentional painting. 

 I began with the background and a vision for the bear in blue like turquoise.
Part of my process involved the use of a resist, as shown in this short video.

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liza myers said...

Great music while you're removing the resist. I love the spirit bear image, straight from the south west. Beautiful composition, Robin, as always!