Thursday, May 17, 2012

We communicate, I interpret with a Visual Language

That is what happens with a commission. 
We communicate. 
I interpret the story using color and symbolic images. 

For many years I was a portrait artist, and can produce a very realistic illustrative creation, like this love story "Dreaming of Lasse". As my signature style has developed with acrylics I am able to use an even broader language to express the story.  For one art collector I created  three love story pieces using a symbolic visual language.

Quite often my art collectors desire works which are already sold. I make something similar for them but never exactly the same Commission in Progress 2011 ,  and Commission of a place. One of  my most popular commission pieces was a request for a similar image that was already sold and now the Mariposa Commission  has even been developed into scarves. Sometime I create a Commission for a Specific Holiday. 

Considering a Commission?
Questions I ask:
What medium?
What size?
When do you need it by?
What is the subject matter?
Any particular colors you would like to have in the piece?

Questions about a project or commission? You can call me, Robin, directly 4073128649
Or email arts at
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Thanks- now I understand your process a bit more. As if we can ever understand the mysterious currents that flow from our spirits to our canvases...

Love your work.