Saturday, June 09, 2012

Adventures in Wine Tasting

"Adventures in Wine Tasting"  will be at Artiste Winery in California.
Would you care to know something odd about me? 
Well kinda odd  -not completely unusual


I like to breathe in the aroma of some foods before tasting them, or to put it bluntly I smell my food.Not every bite, nor every type of food.  It's part of the sensual experience of indulging in food and wine. It is the aroma followed by the taste that allows you to discern flavor. Scientifically speaking when we chew, aromas are released that activate our sense of smell by way of a special channel that connects the back of the throat to the nose. Although with wine, tasters rarely use the word smell to describe wine because the word smell suggests odor with negative connotations. Wine tasters terms are aroma, bouquet, and wine's nose. Just as a wine taster might use the term nose for the scent of a wine, the word palate is used in referring to the taste of a wine. A wine's palate is the overall impression the wine gives in your mouth.

In California June 16th?
You are invited to join us at Artiste Winery in Los Olivos
 Saturday, June 16, 2012 
1:00pm until 4:00pm
                                                Members free (up to 4 guests) | $15 Guests
Art show, music, food pairings.

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Anonymous said...

Did you paint that beautiful selection of wines in glasses while in Calif?? Perfect for a wine bar!

Robin Pedrero said...

I painted that in my studio in Florida, I shipped it to the Artiste Winery in Cali - yes that would be a nice addition for a wine bar!

Lisa Graham Art said...

If I had a wine bar I would line the back wall with your wine paintings. And now I will forever think of you when I smell my food...I mean breath in the aroma of my food. :)