Tuesday, June 05, 2012

How did you get that cool pic of your art in a room? Answer;Olioboard

I was first introduced to Olioboard by my friend
CEO Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership,
It seems forever that I'd been looking for someway to showcase my art in gorgeous rooms
to use in my etsy shop
enter Olioboard; user friendly and free!

Olioboard by April Elizabeth featuring my art "Birds and Berries"

Curiosity will lead you exploring and by all means give Olioboard a test drive even if you are not a designer. I mention this because initially I was intimidated, not being an interior designer but thinking hard to recall some of the interior designer rules I'd learned oh so many years ago while in one of my many day jobs as a Trans designer. (I wonder who else tried that company in the 80s My first board was oh so simple
and then gradually I've developed them more,
as I've learned it's ok to be creative with scale.

I even entered a few competitions, which drew a little attention from the professional designers and decorators - because I am thrilled that they love my original art!  I encourage the use of my art in their olioboards and what a dream come true to have rooms designed around my art. 

My friend, designer and author of  Le Chic Cocoon  Jen Deuchene surprised me with this one
 That's my art, and I must say I love this space - and how inspiring to work in that scale.

This one was done by the Interior Stylist for WNC Interiors Wilma Nadineon twitter she's @WilmaClinton 

Yes it's great fun!!!  I use olioboards in my etsy shop and on pinterest.

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Jenniferduchene said...

What a cool post. I especially like that you included Leslie, Olioboard, your wonderful art, and me.

Dear Robin, you inspire!

Jennifer Duchene
Design Expert, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Polite Woman
Teaching women how to say no, without being a bitch.

Janet Vanderhoof said...

What a great idea! Love it!

Christine Kemp said...

How clever is that. You have great taste and your art is beautiful.

Gail Peck said...

All of them are fantastic!

Becky Joy said...

such a cool idea. I had been wanting to get photos of my art in great rooms too. Love this.