Friday, June 29, 2012

Moving the Studio - seeking design solutions

Where am I moving to? Downtown Orlando Florida. 
This incredibly cool space is in an old motel. 
Meet the new Robin Maria Pedrero art studio - before I move in. 
 I am very excited to have the opportunity to be in this space.
The floor will be placed in next, then I can move in.
I am looking for suggestions on a creative way to improve on the wall lamps 
which are for now a fixture that is staying... any good ideas?

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Nancy Pace said...

Amazing space, I like the Retro feel. I would be tempted to embrace that style,but update the fixtures.
What ever you do will be wonderful & work well after all it is the heart of your art!

Annie Strack said...

The wall lamps are hideous. To say they should be removed is an understatement -- they should be detroyed and all trace of their existance on earth should be wiped out. Lacking that option, perhaps you could have new shades made; sewn from your fabric designs. Maybe you could place a tall pedestal under each of them, with your wine or other 3-D artwork prominently displayed. Or, perhaps you could build and mount some sort of storage cabinet around the light fixtures - to hide them, or at least distract from them...

Other than the offensive lights, I LOVE your new space! Best of luck, and I hope you get tons of collectors beating down your door!

Gail Peck said...

Is this the old Davis Park Motel on Park Lake? Awesome for you!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Just decorate the heck out of with your beautiful art. That's a no brainer. : )

Congratulations Robin! How wonderful!

Allison Reece said...

That is great, Robin! Congratulations to finding your new studio space! Allison, NC

Deborah said...

Nice space-those lamps-ugh. First get rid of the shades. Then how about a vertical screen shade-even made from rice paper-with maybe another clip on light pointing down.

Franziska San Pedro said...

Nice space, congratulations!
It's depending what kind of look you want to create and what kind of style. I would add those galvanized outdoor lights from Lowes: I like the industrial look because it is neutral, looks clean and gives the place a modern touch. That way your artwork stands out and speaks for itself.

Let us know what you've decided, I am very excited for you!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions.
The floor will go in tomorrow and then I will get a better feel for the space.