Sunday, July 01, 2012

July Assessment of 2012 Art Business Goals

The year is half over. Amazing, it's July already! 
Sounds like a good time to make some assessments regarding my goals of  2012.
(links to blog post of Robin Maria Pedrero 2012 goals)
Pedrero cell phone cases and art at Art and History Museum
   1. Maintain present Galleries; Celebrations Gallery, CT,Gallery 17.92, FL, Juxtapose, NJ, Wolfe Gallery, FL. . Expand to new territory in other states (exhibits, shows, art centers, galleries, museums) .Exhibit at additional Galleries and venues in Florida - presently in 2012 I have 3 exhibitions lined up.

Since the post of my goals in Jan 2012
Pedrero silk scarves at Art and History Museum
   2. Create and document 100 new pieces of work. 
 This year my art making has been a bit interrupted but I am still prolific and should meet this goal.

3. Continue to market work online and in products and increase sales. Continue my positive practices; blogging, social network medias, newsletters, postcards, mailing lists, and attending exhibits. Inspire, share, mentor and give.
 Yes, but I know I could do better. Taking notes on improving.
4. Prepare EARLY for the Holidays and Promotions
 Oh dear. I suppose now would be the exact time to be thinking Holiday.

5. Organize and back up data - this includes weekly bookkeeping
 I am a bit slower in this aspect this year. I am feeling a bit overloaded, and considering managing this aspect with assistance. I am considering an intern as well.
6. Maintain present Museum Gift Shops - Orlando Museum Of Art, Maitland Art Center, Florida Museum of Art, Florida Museum for Women Artists gift shop. And apply for more.
Pedrero Art at the Orlando Museum of Art Gift Shop
I need to get applications out to more museum gift shops. I have accomplished getting my phone cases and scarves in to some museums gift shops.

7. Make 10 art videos
 Yes!!! Finally I did this! With the great help of ehow! As one of their art experts you can now find my videos on ehow. Take a look
8. Teach workshops
 Nope..not a one. After I move to my new studio space this is something to set up as an option.
9. Move studio (sell, simplify, give away a lot of items)
 That's what is happening now! Yes I am moving.

10. Bump IT up ... still figuring out this one... would love to do an artist residency...and possibly work on my degree....
well....... ya can't do everything.......but this is always on my mind.

How are you doing with your Business goals for 2012?
Now for the second half of the year!

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lisa said...

Go Robin!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thanks Lisa!!!

Peggy Gabrielson said...

You are so focused! Good for you!

Nancy Pace said...

Very impressive! You are doing a wonderful job:)