Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trust; A collector and artist relationship

"Trust" By Robin Maria Pedrero
painted for one of my Primo Art Collectors 
to go with a piece she previously purchased titled "Serenity".
My collector and I usually communicate via email and facebook. Sometimes she sees works in progress on my facebook artist page and sends me a message to grab the artwork before anyone else can purchase the piece, artwork which even before finished struck a chord within and she just must have in her space.

Sometimes, as in this case, she owns a painting I previously painted, such as "Serenity" which she helped title, and she would like another to go with it for the space where she has decided to install the art. We actually decided the title "Trust" which was followed by my vision for the piece and then brought to life in paint using colors my collector and I discussed. I cherish working with my art collectors.

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1 comment:

Lisa Graham Art said...

These are gorgeous Robin...they go hand in hand together. Tell your collector she has exquisite taste.